The Safest Place



The Safest Place (woman burying seed under oak): In every forest, everywhere, life continues…

Life is buried there lovingly by the hands of a Mother. She goes unannounced with her duties; quietly digging the soft, fertile earth so that the one acorn that was not stolen by the squirrels could find it’s way into the ground

One Cloudless Day (Woman in the sun): You know that feeling you get after three weeks of cloudy, grey skies, and finally the sun peeks out from behind those clouds? Now, imagine you need light to thrive off of to be happy. She’s as giggly as a lizard sunning itself on a nice toasty rock.

Where We Go (Dark green under the tree): This is where we go. To hide, to get away, to never return if we so choose. Everyone has a place to escape to.

Prints Available:
Safest Place: 8×12 – $15.00

One Cloudless Day: 8×12 – $15.00

Where We Go: 8×12 – $15.00

ALL THREE 8×12 – $35.00

Safest Place: 12×18 – $30.00

One Cloudless Day: 12×18 – $30.00

Where We Go: 12×18 – $30.00

ALL THREE: 12×18 – $50.00