Raven Print!

Raven print is now available for pre-order! He is 6×9″ print on 8×10″ white watercolor paper so that it’ll be easy to frame. I use a local St. Louis printer for these pieces many times now for print art. The colors are brilliant, and the paper has a slight texture to it, not unlike the paper I created the original on! Once the print order closes March 14th, I will place the order and inform everyone on the timeline of when they’ll be getting picked up and mailed out.

The 3×4″ STICKER of Raven is a Patreon only thank you gift for my 3rd Anniversary! All new and current patrons will be getting them in the mail in April. If interested, head on over and join me for a while (there’s 3 years of stuff to wander through!). It’s a great alternative way to help support artists, plus depending on the tier, extra gifts from time to time in the mail.


Raven Print 8×10 watercolor paper PRE-ORDER HERE

International folks! Please contact me first before pre-ordering. Prices for shipping have gone up quite a bit in 2021 (in some cases it’s $40 instead of $25)

If you would like to add additional prints to this order, please head over to the artwork section and add them to the cart! (Raven will hang out in your shopping cart while you browse) All prints will ship out at the same time.

Patrons, you can use your discount codes for this pre-order! (Go snag them at your profile, or message me before ordering!)

Questions? Fire me off an email – laura@fallenlights.net

Raven was a sketch created in January for that month’s coloring page! I wound up coloring him in as well. It’s from a story that I’m working on with my patrons, where I write a little bit and do some art, then they vote on the next path to take. All previous coloring pages are still available, and the next round of the story will be beginning mid-March.
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