It’s a foggy morning just outside my window in the studio. Can see half of the yard before it’s nothing but a vague gray shape. I’m sure someone can find a metaphor out there, about how a new year is full of unknowns… But, really, I just love it. Everything is weirdly flat before it’s nothing, just the clouds coming down to the ground for a little while.

So far, 2021 looks like it won’t be full of art fairs for me, just like 2020. While it’s not the biggest pile in the world (child at home too), I will have a nice stack to frame up once the world gets going again after a vaccine.

Last year gave me a bit of time to play around with my husband’s story, The Backwards Knight, some world building paintings and choices of how to even create the illustrations. I’ll work on some more again this year, after I read the new material he’s typed up over the Summer and Fall. Below is one of the pieces, a sketch painting of Laela, an elf with too many questions about her way forward in life.

Laela, Graphite Powder & Watercolor 2020

Since 2020 threw a wrench into one of my plans to go to the zoo and botanical gardens in St. Louis, I had to fall back on idea #2. I’ve been wanting to try to get a whole story created, one that I don’t grind to a halt halfway through and give up on finishing it. Over on my patreon, I’ll be getting the help of my patrons with this, by handing over some of the nudging of which way to go. Think of it like “chose your own adventure”. Will we go into the woods or around it? Over the fallen log or under it? Leave the sparkly thing that caught our eye? Take it? It’ll be up to them. Each vote will then come with sketches (for now, eventually paintings).

Also, for those at the Earth and higher tiers (only 1 spot left at Branches & Stars), I’ll be mailing out prints the first of the three Witches I painted! If you like collecting small prints and art, patreon is a great way to help support me and get little goodies back in the mail. Patrons have gotten stickers and bookmarks in the past, as well. Posts I make there have videos of art being made, sketchbook doodles that I don’t show anywhere else, and other stories I’ve tried to wiggle my way through. There’s YEARS of content to dig through. Check it out here, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to fire me off an email ( laura@fallenlights.net )!

A few days ago, I uploaded a lot of my art that I made in 2020 into my facebook art group. All you need to do to join is click the join button, and I’ll hit approve as soon as I see a notification. The group seems to work better than the old fan/business page. I’ve posted new art there, close ups, and quick time lapse videos.

Here’s to a new year! I hope it’s a good one for you and your family <3