The Dark Side of Super

2024 Upcoming art fairs & conventions:
April 5, 6, & 7th – Art Fair at Queeny Park, Ballwin MO
July 27th & 28th – GeekCraft Expo, Webster University MO
August 1-4th – Gen Con, Indianapolis IN
August 23rd-25th – Midwest Salute Fairview Heights IL
Oct 5th 5pm-9pm – Witches & Wizards, O’Fallon IL
Vine Street Market – 8am-12pm O’Fallon IL – Dates I will be there: 5/25, 6/1, 7/6, 8/17, 9/7, 10/12

Something new! And completely different! STRAIGHT LINES!?
This is the cover art for my husband Matthew Siadak’s new book – The Dark Side of Super!
He’s got pre-orders up right now with lots of different choices, one of which that includes a print of the cover art!
Check it out here!

The Dark Side of Super is my up and coming multi-POV novella / anthology of interconnected short stories dealing with, well, the dark side of having super powers.
Superpowers, the ability to be something more. This collection of stories weaves together the tales of eleven individuals who have come into their own power. When their backs are against the wall, each of them will have to make a choice.

This year I’ve been working with the goal of trying to figure out darker watercolors (not theme-wise, colors!). It’s always been a bit of a struggle to push things to the night side of ideas. I figure out a color combination last week that I’ll be trying out on a larger piece. This resulted in one more small deer painting, and I am making them available as prints for Patrons!

If you’d like the set, they’ll be getting sent out in the mail starting February :) Since lots of my fans are unable to make it to art fairs or conventions, Patreon is a good way to grab some small stuff for yourself.

Like behind the scenes of work, including video, sketches that don’t make the cut, and music I listen to while painting? Come hang out for a while! :)

It’s a great way to help support creative folk like myself. Money goes towards replenishing supplies, and more importantly, giving me time to work on my own art. All tiers are great – some have mail, some have coloring pages, and all of them have my wanderings through the how & why.

I’ve currently got some art sketch spots over on Patreon!
The Branches tier is limited to 10 people a month, and right now there’s 3 spot available. I also have a spot at the Roots, which will get you art every 3 months!

All tiers are wonderful and I’m super thankful for all the extra support. Each month, I show behind the scenes for some of my paintings, share music I’m listening too, sometimes bits of stories, as well as watercolor or drawing video. Some tiers get mail, and some have coloring pages.

Sketch examples of art that heads out in the mail to patrons on The Roots & The Branches tiers.

Some coloring pages that are available to patrons at The Path or higher tiers! Many of them move on to become watercolor paintings.