Holiday Card & Sticker!

The year is weirdly almost over, so that means it’s time to get working on this year’s holiday art! Patrons helped narrow it down to an animal theme, then picked foxes, but I liked all my sketches… so the others will at least be turned into paintings down the road. Also, a little bat rabbit sticker was created and will be a stocking stuffer for all my patrons this year.

Sign up is going on right now and ends at the end of the month!

Stickers! Still working on the art for the card <3

Patreon’s a wonderful way to help support artists throughout the year. It pays for restocking paints and papers, as well as gives me the opportunity to poke around with stuff I’d normally need to push aside to get client work done. Right now, I’m slowly putting together story art for a journey through the woods. There’s lots of behind the scenes work already available to scroll through, as well as coloring pages to print (The Path), or mini prints in the mail every other month (The Earth). Sketches, art videos, close ups of pieces that don’t make it onto my social media. Come hang out for a few months, or even longer, it’s totally up to you!

Art for the little Bat Rabbit sticker going out in December!
One of the Foxes in this year’s holiday card!
The Accidental Transcendence of the Poet
Rabbit and the Moon