New Art!

Raven’s Flight

Over the winter, I sat down and began to work out color sketches of a story about Raven and his trip through the woods. Ever since last year, I’ve been creating art to follow along this wandering theme featuring deer and ravens. Becoming lost in the woods, unsure if there’s a path out until one looks at things out of the corner of their eye. There’s been a few more additions over the last few months, and yesterday I finished up my newest piece: The Last Song of Winter

The Last Song of Winter – 18x18in Watercolor, Acrylic, Graphite

The idea for the deer came from these two next pieces who’d formed after going for a walk near the house and finding the coolest looking stump in the woods.

Old Brambly Stump
The Old Forest – 9x12in Graphite powder, gouache
Of Bones & Dreams – 9×12 Graphite powder, gouache

You can find all three of them with the rest of my work in the artwork section!
The Raven’s story is available to read on Patreon (all tiers), as well as see the art progress with illustrating the 20 pages.