Ever Patient Fox

Upcoming art fairs & conventions:
October 14th – Witches & Wizards Festival, O’Fallon IL
December 9th – Winter Market, O’Fallon IL

My next Every Day Original painting is finished! I’ve titled it “Ever Patient Fox” and it’ll be available on Sept 24th. If you head over to EDO, you can sign up to their mailing list to get a new piece of art every day to your inbox :)
Here’s my page, with previous paintings that I’ve finished for the gallery!

Ever Patient Fox – Watercolor & graphite, 10x10in

I’ll be gathering up prints of Ever Patient Fox as well for my next two shows, so if you’d like him for your wall, head on over to his page here on fallenlights! :)

I’ve currently got some art sketch spots over on Patreon!
The Branches tier is limited to 10 people a month, and right now there’s 2 spot available.
All tiers are wonderful and I’m super thankful for all the extra support. Each month, I show behind the scenes for some of my paintings, share music I’m listening too, sometimes bits of stories, as well as watercolor or drawing video. Some tiers get mail, and some have coloring pages.

Some coloring pages that are available to patrons at The Path or higher tiers! Many of them move on to become watercolor paintings.