Holiday Card & Print Preorder.

My newest painting, The Winter Deer, will be this year’s holiday card! They’re 11×15″, watercolor on paper. The bit of glittery paint used in this painting is from a set of colors from my Great Uncle, another artist. The sticker on it is dated 1984, so they’re a little bit old, but still work!

Holiday Card from 2018, and 2019…

Every year I send out a card to my patrons, and there’s still time to sign up for your own! The sign up deadline is Nov. 30th. All of the tiers available will be getting one in December, as well as all the usual goodies that come with being a patron supporter. There’s work in progress art videos, sketches, coloring pages, and prints or original art in the mail each month. I’ve got 6 tiers of support: The Gate (behind the scenes), The Path (coloring pages), The Earth (prints every other month), The Roots (sold out), The Branches (sketches each month), and The Stars (small watercolors each month).
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This pre-order is for prints on watercolor paper. Regular prints on photopaper can be found in the gallery section.

Pre-orders close Nov. 28th, the order is placed with my printer in St. Louis and I will then pick it up once finished. There is no guarantee this will reach you in time for the holidays, but once I have the prints, they will be mailed out the next business day. Orders usually take a week to print, but because of COVID19, St Louis has a limit of 10 people in place, so I don’t know if there are delays. All stages of ordering will be updated via email.

PATRONS! Do not forget to use your print code! Discounts apply to pre-orders. You can find your code here:
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PRE-ORDER THE WINTER’S DEER – $30.00 + shipping
11×15″ print on 12×18″ Crane Lettra paper.
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And here is the Winter’s Deer! The holiday card for 2020.

If you’d like a holiday card in the mail, join me on Patreon! Any questions can be sent to (that’s me!)

The Sketch for The Winter’s Deer