Artwork for Sale

Current list of artwork that is available for sale.
Prices do not include shipping (varies from piece to piece). Not all paintings are framed, and frames can also be removed for lower shipping cost. Removing the frame does not change the price of the painting.

Facebook Page Smaller pieces ($100 or less) are listed on Facebook! All images on this page open into larger pictures when clicked. for more information, including sizes and close-ups photos.

If you saw a painting at a show, but do not see it online, please contact me!
Sometimes I forget to add art.

The Last Song of Winter – $3,000
Where the Path Leads – $1,500
Somewhere Dark – $1,000
The Walker – $1,000
Awaken Dawn – $1,000
Forest’s Hart – $800
Tarot Lovers – $750
A Quiet Nebula – $600
The Fall – $600
I Remember You – $500