Original Artwork

I’m going to be posting through out the week on my facebook fan page (click here!) what artwork I have available for purchase! Please keep an eye out if you were looking for something from me :)

Originals, some prints I have in stock on watercolor paper, clearance prints, etc, will be posted in the comments of each image throughout this coming week (thru August 20th)

A new year…

I have added a new painting – The Only Thing Left Is Magic – to the pile of artwork on the site :)

The world’s been a little slow these days because of the baby, but piece by piece, my world is returning to a normal. It’s a NEW normal, and I’m sure from here on out will be different than what 2014 was like… I have no idea what 2016 will be like, except it’s going to be different. And for me, different is always something I strive for, a challenge to see it through to the end, no matter where the path will wind.

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laura@fallenlights.net any questions feel free to email me :)
Sale runs 11/27 thru 11/30!