The queen of the spiders was a very vain creature. She evolved over time, passing the crown to her daughter, or granddaughter, or great-granddaughter (Whom ever survived when the present queen was ready to die). Memories shared through a means that humans are unable to comprehend, the next queen always took up the reign exactly at the pinpointed moment that dead one left off at.

As time passed, blood of mere insects bored her pallet and she began to envy the skin of the humans. The queens never could get it quite right as they drained skins and blood of women that passed by her nests – such as our present queen.

She lacked the lips of a woman to smile or frown. The arms and legs were functional, but they attached to a hideously bulbious body that she always hid under the folds of spidery silk. The eyes were black and many faceted, looking cruely at her victim as she devoured her.

Emotion is something an insect eating creature could not understand.

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