Rainbow Butterfly

Pre-order an 8×12″ print of the Rainbow Butterfly! The image will sit on 11×14″ white watercolor paper. This’ll allow for signing and fitting into a standard sized frame (or mat it to a larger frame easily!).

The pre-order for the print will close Nov 1st. Please allow up to two weeks (Nov 14th or 15th) for delivery, as I’ll have to place the order with my local printer, then pack work up to ship out. I will email all pre-orders when prints are ready to ship!

8×12″ print on 11×14″ paper
Pre-order over, thank you! Please head over to Rainbow Butterfly page to order your own copy.

If you would like to add other prints to this order (shipping at the same time as Butterfly print), please add the print to your cart, then head back to fallenlights.net!

Patreon print discounts will work with this pre-order, please just paste the code into the space on the ordering page. If you need your code again, please don’t hesitate to send me a message at laura@fallenlights.net

Also available until Nov. 1st are a sticker of the Autumn Butterfly! This 3″ sticker is available only for new and current patrons, at all tiers! If you’d like a sticker in the mail, please head over and check out my Patreon. This is a monthly subscription for anyone who’d like to support artists like myself. Money goes into restocking supplies, jury fees, and vendor table purchases. I post work in progress videos, coloring line art, and prints or originals sent in the mail!

To sign up, please head over to my fallenlights patreon page.

Autumn Butterfly for Patrons!
Coloring page from the sketch of the Rainbow Butterfly for Patrons.