Print Sale This Weekend!

PRINT SALE IS NOW OVER! Thank you everyone who has purchased some prints from me! :)

From Friday the 23rd, until Monday the 26th you can purchase two prints and get one free! In the comment section of the order page, or in paypal’s comment section, just copy and paste the URL or Print name that you would like to purchase, as well as which size it is.

If you buy (2) 8x10s, you get an 8×10 for free! If you get (2) 10x20in prints, pick another $25 dollar print for free (this includes the 12x18in size as well).

Basically just keep to the same priced prints or less for the free one.

If you have seen art of mine somewhere else on the internet and not on here as a print, fire me off an email and I’ll see what I can do. Some of my older ones don’t get put back on the site when I do big updates, or I just plain forgot to add it! my email is