In progress

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on my facebook or instagram where I post work in progress pieces… Here’s the last shot of the painting I’m working on the last couple of weeks:


It’ll probably be the last big piece for the summer, before I head off to GenCon in August. Bigger table this year, so I have more prep work to work on and keep out of the hands of my toddler.

Hopefully I finish it before GenCon…

The Dream

A new drawing was added to the gallery, called The Dream. It’s based off of one I had back in 2015 when I became pregnant and stuck with me for the last two years.

ALSO! if you’re going to GenCon this year, I will be there with my work! I’m going to be with Nigel Sade and Lydia Burris out on the main exhibit floor, NOT in the art gallery section.

Sleeping Gaia

Newest painting is up for auction with the Changeling Artist collective!
Proceeds are going to the National Audubon Society.
Bids started at $5 and go up by 5 (5, 10, 15, etc)

The auction is open until the 27th!

Please follow the below link to go directly to the painting I created, or visit the changeling page to see all the wonderful art for Operation Gaia.

Watercolor prints


I got some of my watercolor prints in! Posted the picture for those that are curious as to what the difference is. They’re printed on Arches watercolor paper, and has a slight texture to it. The images are very close to what an original painting is like! Click the picture to go to artwork available on watercolor paper :)