This weekend (Sept 28th-29th), come swing on by O’Fallon Community park between 10am-6pm. There’ll be 150 artists and crafters from the area with really awesome, nifty things to sell! 2nd time for me selling my work, 3rd time attending. Live music, food, nice weather… will be an awesome two days outside!

I’ll be in the pavillion, across from the writer’s booth, along the wall (there’s a central section that has other crafters too). Sort of in the middle.

Please be aware that it fills up quite a bit, so be prepared to take your time and browse!

Cash and credit accepted.

For more information on directions and a list of vendors, please visit the Strange Folk site!:)

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OZ – A Trip to the Emerald City

On Sept. 21st at the Koken Factory, St. Louis from 7pm-1am
If you’re in the area, come see the show! There’ll be dancers and music and art! The Skeleton Krewe that runs these events put on a damn fine show :D

HERE is the event information!

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I’ll be at GenCon the 15th-18th, so be sure to swing by and say hi! (and if you have questions, ASK THEM! I love explaining stuff to people about my work)

The art gallery section looks like it’s along the back wall, and I’m not exactly sure which booth I’ll have until I am there setting up. Going to be bringing originals, and prints from small to large as well as a few watercolor prints.

If I’m not at the table, and you want something signed, my husband’ll light the Laura Signal and I’ll wade through all the epic nerdiness to the table:) Sometimes I need a break and have to walk around – doctor’s orders – but my husband knows a fair amount of answers to questions so he can answer general ones.

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Moon Vs. Sun

In case you’re in Wisconsin and happen to stumble across what seems to be my painting on a vodka label…:)



Moon Vs Sun!

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Back from Alaska!

Hello everyone! I just returned from a family vacation up in Alaska and oh boy, another 900 photos to go through :D Quite a few will be used as reference for new paintings. I’ve posted a handful already so if you’re curious take a look at the below links. Plus, if you like seeing progress work, the next two links are where I post them!


Working on a few commissions, as well as small art for GenCon!

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