I was a part of sketchfest this weekend – quite fun now that I had some time to sit and complete a few!

check it out here~ Sketchfest

You can see the sketches I drew here (some are for sale too on the site!): Sketches and finished bits. The ones that are available have a BOLD line around them and range from $15 to $40.

Other than that, finishing up commissions and artwork for GenCon. One new piece was posted in the Tea section!

Free Shipping April 11th-13th

Everything’s up and ready (I hope!)

If you notice something isn’t working correctly, please fire me off an email ( ) and let me know with the URL that had the problem so I can fix it ASAP.

And! All prints are free shipping in the USA for the next couple of days. So instead of $10+6 dollars, it’s just $10. No limit either, save for TIME. If you would like to take part of this, please select “Free USA shipping” in the checkout box. You can bundle all the prints you want into one batch, because shipping isn’t limited by quantity ever. (Sale over, thank you all who have purchased a print at this time!)

Enjoy :)

New Artwork

I have been adding artwork over the last hour. Editing things here and there as I go along, but there’s new work at least to view! I’ll be adding print information to the pages as I go along over the next few days. After that I think everything’ll be up to speed once again.

Time Warp!

I’m currently posting up OLD artwork on my facebook page.  You can see where I’ve come from since college years (1998-2002), and where I am now.  Plus a few of them I’m offering up for sale.