2012 Calendar Pre-order

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a calendar for 2012, I am now taking pre-orders for one of my artwork :)
I’d done one for last year and it was a success, people asked if I would be doing one for 2012 – so I’m now in the process of designing one up of artwork that wasn’t in last years!

You can place your order here on the site: HERE
I would like to reach at least 50 so I can go through a local printer’s (their minimum order for calendar’s is 50).

COMMISSIONS are now for early 2012 only. I’m full up to the gils for the next two months so I will be no longer able to take on any projects (all those that have spoken to me up to this point are in the clear, you’re why I’m full :) ).
Current list:
Movie painting – cannot give info. ( to see the trailer )
Girl visiting China – children’s book
Princess and the Whale – children’s book
RPG illustrations

As a heads up

I’m going to be moving my domain elsewhere in the next week or two (Early November) so things might be a little funky around here for a bit:) Because of this, I’ll only be updating my other galleries so I don’t have to keep making backups until the move goes through!

Alternate sites: Facebook fanpage or Deviant art :) The facebook one has sketches and goof ups and walk thrus as well as finished pieces!

Commissions sort of open

This is open to anything: personal projects large and small, RPGs (though please bear in mind my style for this, some stuff just DOESN’T work with me), or what ever else your little hearts desire.

I prefer traditional, but will do digital (prices same as watercolor. For a print size file, you do the printing). Shipping depends on the size and country it will be traveling to.

Prices for personal projects only.

8×10 – $75-100
11×14 – $150
16×20 – $300

4×6 – $50-75
8×10 – $150-200
11×14 – $200-300
16×20 – $400-500
larger – $250/sqft

Super complicated, super highly detailed will lean towards the higher end (if you need a billion leaves all painted individually… that’s super complicated). Oil painting is at the higher end and you need to allow for at least 2-3 weeks of drying time before I will even consider shipping it. Tea requires at least a week or two of prepping the paper BEFORE I can even start working on it.

Materials: Pen, pencil – paper, illustration board only
Tea – watercolor paper only
Watercolor – thick watercolor paper only
Acrylic/Oil – watercolor paper, canvas, clayboard (smooth surface, depending on size, comes mounted)

all other projects are based on what it is you need, or a budget that you have in mind already. I do not do free art, art trades, or full blown porn (nudity is, obviously, okay)

Interested? Please fire me an email here: laura@fallenlights.net

Anything priced over $150 can be broken up into smaller payments.

Guinea Pigs :)

I am doing a test run of my prints on watercolor paper for future limited editions! The artwork in question will be the newest piece: Butterfly Queen’s Flock! What I’m doing is if you were interested in purchasing an 11x14in print, instead of the photographic paper I use (which IS good stuff! I just wanted to try another method), you can instead ask for the watercolor option. This’ll be on a 13x19in watercolor paper.

I’m going to leave this open for U.S. residents until this Sunday evening and do my order on Monday. After that I will go back to the regular prints. The price for this test will be the same as the regular print, but in the comment section of paypal, please note that you’d like to be a guinea pig :) The printer I am going through was recommended by another artist who has used them multiple times in the past, so I have no worries as to the quality.

I’ll be mailing them to myself and signing/numbering each one.

All over at 10pm CST! Prints will go back to normal prints on photo paper tonight :)