Print Sale!

I’ll be missing GenCon this year! :(

We’re taking a family vacation instead, so I wanted to do a sale of my available prints! If you see a painting that doesn’t currently have a print option attached to it, please get in touch with me ( ), to see if it IS available. I make mistakes and sometimes forget to add the prints to pieces. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch, but please realize that my response time might be a little delayed! (I don’t know if I’ll have internet access)

This sale is running from today, the 14th to the 31st. All prints will be ordered when I get home so that they don’t sit at my front door all week, then I sign and ship them out to you :)

The code to enter at check out is WHALE

Date for Fezziwigs

In case anyone was going, the date has been postponed. I’ll edit this as soon as I know when. There’s road construction going on on the road the business is on and in this heat, lack of parking would make things difficult for everyone.

July shows!

July 27th. Show at Fezziwig’s Marketplace in Lebanon, IL from 6-8pm. I’ll be showing with one other local artist Chappy Productions. There’ll be live jazz and wine tasting! More info: Fezziwig’s Marketplace.

The circus went smashingly! AMAZING show. If you ever find yourself in the St. Louis area during one of their performance months, it’s worth checking out. You can see some of the doodles I did on my Facebook, and I’ll be working on larger paintings over the next few weeks for an art show later in the year!

Shows for June in St. Louis!

Added a dragon painting! It’s neat, and swirly!

Upcoming shows:
June 8th 7pm-10pm opening night at Soulard Art Market on 12th St for the group show COLOR! More info on location and hours: Soulard Art Market

June 16th – I will be at that day’s performance and rehearsal for the Flora Circus in st. Louis! The work sketched there will be then put up for entry into a show later this year. More info: Circus Flora.

New artwork added!

Good afternoon! I’ve just put up five new paintings (one in watercolor, four in the tiny art section).

If you’re in the St. Louis area, TOMORROW! my art will be up for display for a show at Concrete Ocean – Beggars and Burlies. The show will also be running during the Burlesque Festival taking place May 17th-19th! When I dropped my work off, it looked like there was a nifty collection of all kinds of different work.

I’m also signed up to attend the circus in June to go early and sketch the setup/rehearsal, as well as draw during their opening performance on June 16th. Because I signed up for this, I’ll be able to submit any finished work to a juried art show later in the year!

For sketches, walk thrus and random stuff, please check out my Tumblr page or Facebook page.