Updates and stuff

I just noticed the last post I did on here is set as December… uh… oops? There’s been new art posted, I just forgot to make a mention of it here on the front page! There’s even more stuff hanging out over here, like work in progresses, art shows, and print sales.

Going to be going through my stock that I have in my hands that I usually take with me to GenCon. Won’t be going this year because I’ll be vacationing up in Alaska instead. BUT, since I just spent a week in the hospital (I’m fine now!), I’m going to have a huge pile of bills to pay and to help ease the agony of a moth in my wallet, I’m going to go through what I’ve got and put it up on my facebook fan page.

I’ll be putting up 4x6s and 8x10s and some of the best best waist cincher i got. (The smaller size I don’t sell on the site). I might also dig through my piles of artwork to see what’s been buried and throw them up as well.

If you’re in the St. Louis area, there’s a few shows coming up. Two I haven’t submitted work for, but I’m hoping to get into for May, but right now there’ll be one going on this Friday, April 6th. Through the Looking Glass. I’ll have three pencil pieces up on the walls, and there’ll be vendors as well as belly dancers! Admission is $10 (this pays for the rent of the space and entertainment)

You can find more info here!

The other two shows are a burlesque show that was wanting artwork, and a St. Louis Artists Guild show. Going to be starting work on those paintings this weekend.

Weekend shopping!

The pre-order for the Calendar is over, I want to thank everyone that’s picked one up this year!
They are still available, but will not be coming from me directly. You can pick up your copy Here (off site)!

My new Etsy shop has a new painting of a dragon on three pieces of board. Stop over and take a look :)

Happy Holidays, and a Bah Humbug to all!

2012 Calendar Pre-order

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a calendar for 2012, I am now taking pre-orders for one of my artwork :)
I’d done one for last year and it was a success, people asked if I would be doing one for 2012 – so I’m now in the process of designing one up of artwork that wasn’t in last years!

You can place your order here on the site: HERE
I would like to reach at least 50 so I can go through a local printer’s (their minimum order for calendar’s is 50).

COMMISSIONS are now for early 2012 only. I’m full up to the gils for the next two months so I will be no longer able to take on any projects (all those that have spoken to me up to this point are in the clear, you’re why I’m full :) ).
Current list:
Movie painting – cannot give info. ( to see the trailer )
Girl visiting China – children’s book
Princess and the Whale – children’s book
RPG illustrations