Guinea Pigs :)

I am doing a test run of my prints on watercolor paper for future limited editions! The artwork in question will be the newest piece: Butterfly Queen’s Flock! What I’m doing is if you were interested in purchasing an 11x14in print, instead of the photographic paper I use (which IS good stuff! I just wanted to try another method), you can instead ask for the watercolor option. This’ll be on a 13x19in watercolor paper.

I’m going to leave this open for U.S. residents until this Sunday evening and do my order on Monday. After that I will go back to the regular prints. The price for this test will be the same as the regular print, but in the comment section of paypal, please note that you’d like to be a guinea pig :) The printer I am going through was recommended by another artist who has used them multiple times in the past, so I have no worries as to the quality.

I’ll be mailing them to myself and signing/numbering each one.

All over at 10pm CST! Prints will go back to normal prints on photo paper tonight :)