Getting closer to 2019

And here we are, November.

I’ve started to look for art shows for next year, and getting the house ready for the holidays. Work is being finished slowly, but surely, and it’s piling up on the ‘done’ side of the pile.

For right now, the best place to catch some new art is over on the social media sites. Most of the work has been posted there, and not here on the website because they’re sketches and drawings. But here are a few selections:

Some pieces from Inktober:

The Creature of Shiloh – A story I’ve started to do art for.
There, just beyond the turn of a shadow, it arrived.
You can see more of the story as a patron!

I’ve added my two witches that I’ve completed so far, Cancer & Libra!

I have plans for the large painting, I hit 20+ people on my Patreon in October! Thank you so much for all the additional support with that, as well as just being fans. I lock myself away in the studio for so long that I start to question my existence, so it’s great that people come to see my work in person and online.

If you’re an artist or a writer of any kind and find themselves on Reddit, I’ve added a subforum to post work to! It’s still very new, so it’s been a learning process for me. You can find that here. Fallenlights Forum – I’m treating it like a forum from the late 90s and early 00s. Ask for help or just enjoy things others have posted!

Places you can see updates faster:
Supporting me on Patreon – this also has coloring book pages you can print out, videos, and behind the scenes sketches!
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