End of the Year!

Starting to sign up for new shows for 2019!  I’ll be at GenCon for sure, everything else is still waiting for juries or submissions to begin.

Thank you everyone who purchased prints during the sale!

I’ve got a short preview of a new video I made for my patrons!  You can view the 30 second clip here.  They’ve got an 8 minute long work in progress video of a painting I’m working on, called the Star Finder.  Below is one of the mini paintings I created of him.  There’s also sketches and drawings to take a look at over on my patreon.

I’ve got a new tier for anyone interested in collecting small prints!  It’s called “The Earth” and the first print available is the one shown below.

You can sign up to become a patron here!  It’s a monthly subscription.  Stay for as long as you’d like and get insight on new work, doodles, coloring lines you can print out, and more!