Commissions sort of open

This is open to anything: personal projects large and small, RPGs (though please bear in mind my style for this, some stuff just DOESN’T work with me), or what ever else your little hearts desire.

I prefer traditional, but will do digital (prices same as watercolor. For a print size file, you do the printing). Shipping depends on the size and country it will be traveling to.

Prices for personal projects only.

8×10 – $75-100
11×14 – $150
16×20 – $300

4×6 – $50-75
8×10 – $150-200
11×14 – $200-300
16×20 – $400-500
larger – $250/sqft

Super complicated, super highly detailed will lean towards the higher end (if you need a billion leaves all painted individually… that’s super complicated). Oil painting is at the higher end and you need to allow for at least 2-3 weeks of drying time before I will even consider shipping it. Tea requires at least a week or two of prepping the paper BEFORE I can even start working on it.

Materials: Pen, pencil – paper, illustration board only
Tea – watercolor paper only
Watercolor – thick watercolor paper only
Acrylic/Oil – watercolor paper, canvas, clayboard (smooth surface, depending on size, comes mounted)

all other projects are based on what it is you need, or a budget that you have in mind already. I do not do free art, art trades, or full blown porn (nudity is, obviously, okay)

Interested? Please fire me an email here:

Anything priced over $150 can be broken up into smaller payments.