2012 Calendar Pre-order

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a calendar for 2012, I am now taking pre-orders for one of my artwork :)
I’d done one for last year and it was a success, people asked if I would be doing one for 2012 – so I’m now in the process of designing one up of artwork that wasn’t in last years!

You can place your order here on the site: HERE
I would like to reach at least 50 so I can go through a local printer’s (their minimum order for calendar’s is 50).

COMMISSIONS are now for early 2012 only. I’m full up to the gils for the next two months so I will be no longer able to take on any projects (all those that have spoken to me up to this point are in the clear, you’re why I’m full :) ).
Current list:
Movie painting – cannot give info. ( to see the trailer )
Girl visiting China – children’s book
Princess and the Whale – children’s book
RPG illustrations