20 Person Goal

I decided I’m going to use my new patreon to do things I normally hesitate over (usually because of “why bother? I have better things to do”). My newest goal is to hit 20 people (I’m now at 11, thanks everyone!), and do something with the canvas pictured below!

You can see more here!

If you’d like to see some other things going on with patreon, visit patreon.com/fallenlights and click the “post” link up top. Some posts are visible to the public. Patreon is like those subscription boxes online (like the meals one, or nerdy fun things mailed to you every month) except geared towards creative people like myself! I’m posting extra things I normally wouldn’t at the $1/month tier, like videos and work in progress sketches, or ideas that just didn’t go anywhere. At $2 you get some line art to print out or backgrounds for your computer. $5 and $15 are everything below that PLUS some goodies in the mail. There’s only ONE spot left at the $15. Nothing’s set in stone, some people hang out for months at a time, or just one or two. Most of my funds go towards jury fees or restocking art supplies – as a traditional painter, I’m always running out of paper.

I’ll still continue posting my artwork here on the website as it’s finished, as well as keep up with facebook and instagram too!